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Goldsmiths Physical Computing: Week 9 | It works!

Update: Images from this post have been lost

All the components have arrived. We had enough components to create two devices. Using our schematic, we started soldering our circuit to the matrix boards. After days of soldering and resoldering we finally created a working circuit. After finishing the first one, we learned from our mistakes and tweeked our design slightly. Rather than soldering a whole line through the middle of the board (to act as ground) we soldered a piece of wire. This saved a lot of time as it only had to be soldered at certain points for the circuit to work. After both raw devices were finished we started to sketch out case ideas and started on the code. The below images show our progress.

Raw prototype front:

Raw prototype back (note: this soldering has been completely redone. The photo illustrates out first attempt):

Hugh testing it out:

-Marcin Dyszynski