Here's a place where I put little sketches of things I either haven't turned into fully fledged projects, or haven't finished yet, or are just small lil tools that don't warrant being a project.

Waveform Explorer

It's been a little while since I've thought about Oscillators, and reading the Web Audio API for parts I hadn't used, I saw the PeriodicWaveNode, and decided to build a little tool to give it a try. It involved implementing each of the four basic waveforms using the equations in the specification, and then an averager to let the user blend smoothly between waveforms and hear what the intermediary waveforms sound like. I then added a SUPER naive filter - since these waveforms are without enharmonic overtones, I was able to filter down to just the overtones below some nth overtone specified by the user. In my case, this shows me that you can remove quite a lot of harmonic content from a waveform before it becomes very noticeable that you've done so, but the waveform looks quite different. I was pretty pleased with the result, but disappointed I couldn't figure out how to apply frequency modulation in the frequency domain, which would've been cool.

I've been inspired to go back to my university textbooks!

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Meyda Hop Size Visualizer

It visualizes the way audio buffers will overlap for given hop size and buffer size configurations in Meyda.

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What should I listen to today?

Glenn McDonald at Spotify maintains EveryNoise, a de facto taxonomy of genre data that's used widely at Spotify and elsewhere. I felt that going to the website and scrolling to pick a random genre wasn't truly random enough. This tiny web page links you to a random genre page on Glenn's website, so that you have something new to listen to.

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I made this lil step sequencer in a hotel room in Montreal once, I was trying to play with Web Midi. Ah, the before-times.

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Guitar Playground

I moved continents and brought my guitar and computer, but my speakers were in a shipping container, and I didn't own an amp, so I decided to try and implement amp modelling in web audio, which I gave up after a little while when I realized that the latency was too high on Windows.

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The beginnings of a web audio subtractive synthesizer. I've built a few of these, but I would like this one to be good eventually.

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