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Goldsmiths Physical Computing: Week 6 | Lets get started

We have decided on a fantastic project idea inspired by the monome midi controller. We will create a midi controller that imitates a guitar fretboard. The idea is simple: set up miltiple rows of buttons, each row imitating a guitar string and each button imitating a spot on the fretboard. This way, the user can play guitar notes by pressing buttons. We have analysed potential challenges and establised the following points:

  • Figure out a way to differenciate between different buttons pressed on each analogue input.
  • Consider the posibility of users accidentally pressing multiple buttons at once.
  • Solution to the above point.
  • Plan on an enclosure schematic whilst considering practicality of the end product.
  • Figure out which components we need to order.

Throughout the upcoming week we are aiming to find solutions to the above points and order the required components.

--Marcin Dyszynski