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Hugh Rawlinson

I'm Hugh

I write code, think as best I can, and sometimes sleep

About Me

I'm 22. I am a web developer, and a student of Music Computing. I enjoy long walks in the park and frivolous convoluted website build systems. My ultimate concern has yet to make itself known to me. This dude currently abides in New Cross, London. I aspire to abide all over the world in my life time. Other aspirations include:

Music Computing involves a huge variety of different ways of applying computing to music. In particular, I focus on widespread interactive systems, DSP, and generative music. If I had kept to my promise of maintaining a blog of the projects I completed at university, I would be able to back that up. That said, I mainly just focus on code, rather than the actual music.

As for web development, I have been writing websites for quite some time. I have experience with websites written in PHP, Python, Java, C#, and Javascript, although I would rather forget more than one of those experiences. I am also an accomplished clientside scripter, who, while competent in several libraries that makes things easier, is most comfortable in vanilla Javascript.

Outside of academia and my professional life, I have from time to time enjoyed live music (both attending and performing), theatre, and spending time with friends. I've not made enough time for this recently, and in my final year my undergraduate program fully intend to make the most of the amount of spare time I am priveleged to have as a student.

I am trained in CPR, some first aid, and rescuing swimmers in distress, although I'm very rusty.


The following are links to relevant things.

I've worked

Work History and Experience

C.V. Curriculum Vitae. Resumé. Call it what you will. Yes, I typed those in for you ctrl-fers


Fun not for you, eh? You'll love it over at LinkedIn.

Here's some of my actual work

iOS Developer page

A friend and I have purchased an Apple iOS Developer License for this year, and as such, I'm attempting to make the best of it.

Google Play Developer page

Sometimes I write Android apps, although this is very infrequent, and their releases are even more so.

Various code-related links

Stack Overflow

I mostly ask questions rather than answer them, and I would like to improve my ratio.


List here

I'm a published academic author and I'm not sure how long it'll take to get used to that fact...



I go to shindigs, conferences, meetups, and hackathons.


I organise events for Hacksmiths, Goldsmiths hacking society that I co-founded with Nevo Segal

I've found these fun


Find some source code I wrote over there. It's fun.

Recently I've been working on -

Hacker League

I made these fun things in less than 24 hours each.

Live Coding

A blog about my experience doing livecoding.

Fun little hacks

Small hacks I make, mostly focused on music discovery.

Fun that is not code related


Sometimes I chirp about fun things.


Sometimes I take pictures of things like train tracks, curtains and the sky.


I've made music in the past, and would like to make more some day.


I think it's important to support a record industry that isn't being screwed by labels. I should buy more music on Bandcamp.

Sometimes I write about university courses

Physical Computing